The great pumpkin

Back in October I was commissioned as a freelance artist, by TheRise to create these painted and carved pumpkins for their annual-month long display and show. I had the best time painting and carving these.

When I am painting, all sense of time is out the window, I would get there–get all set up and once I started doing my thing, all of a sudden hours would pass and it was time to go.

How wonderful also to work with the many other artists I was introduced to. A great company also, they paid us very well and showed us appreciation at every interval.

As a creative individual, I’m sure somebody out there can relate to this- When I lay down at night, what runs through my mind are projects-I visualize creating things, I am literally painting, carving, building , its the most relaxing and rewarding thing. Sometimes I wish all the things I have created in my mind would find their way into reality. That is my mission, to bring as many of them forward as I can!









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Accents to Spruce-Up Any Space

Customize your textiles to match your decor

Screenshot (193)

Accent pieces are an easy way to update any room. Introducing fresh colors and styles with decorative items and textiles can instantly transform the entire ambiance at a fraction of the cost you might spend completely refurbishing the same space.

Throw pillows offer a clever way to add new color, texture and patterns. Introduce a more luxurious look with this pillow trio featuring the new Buttercream collection of continental craft components, finished home decor items, baking supplies and unique print fabrics create by and available only at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

Buttercream Stenciled Art Pillows

Crafting time: More than 5 hours

Skill level: Some experience necessary

Supplies and Tools:

  • Buttercream 12-by-12-inch Stencil Paisley Blossom (71852)
  • 2          16-by-16-inch natural pillow covers
  • 1          each of Buttercream Fabric Paints in Dainty Pink, Lipstick Red, Ginger, Ivy Lane,
  • Fortnight Blue
  • Buttercream Brushes Stencil Set
  • 2          16-by-16-inch pillow forms
  • 1 1/2    yards natural linen fabric
  • Buttercream Basecoating Brush
  • 1          12-by-18-inch pillow form

Begin by creating the red repeat patterned pillow. Place stencil onto pillow cover and tape off all areas on stencil that are not shown in photo. Repeat large paisley flower as shown using Lipstick Red paint and small stencil brush. Let dry.

Complete the floral design pillow by placing stencil onto pillow cover and stenciling design as shown with multiple colors. Stencil first color by taping over all areas that are not that color in photo. Then stencil next color, taping off areas that are not that color. Repeat so entire front of pillow is covered. Let dry before inserting pillow forms.

For long daisy blossom pillow, cut two 13-by-19-inch pieces of fabric. Iron fabric.

Tape off 10-by-16-inch large rectangle in center of one fabric piece. Paint base coat inside rectangle with Dainty Pink and large brush. Let dry.

Stencil daisy floral element from stencil onto pillow as shown with Ginger. Repeat covering rectangle area. Let dry.

Add leaf element to pillow as shown. Stencil with Ivy Lane. Repeat around flowers as shown and let dry.

Place fabric with “right sides” touching and sew three sides closed. Turn inside out and insert pillow form. Hand sew closed.

Find more inspiration for home updates with accent pieces you can make yourself at

JoAnn Fabrics


Butterflies passing through

I’ve been at it again.

Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies,…. : )

A dear friend’s Mom passed away recently, so naturally, I created one for her and then, well, sometimes I am just inspired to keep going, so I did!

"Four Cast"

On the pulse of colors


Marzipan Intensity  - by SMZ

May your Journey be peaceful

May your Journey be peaceful

Nerium South Korean Pre-Launch 한국 출시

함께 성공이 있을 수 있습니다.

많은 혜택을 발견할 것 이다

네리움인터내셔널과 함께 성공의 기회를 함께할 한국의 첫번째 브랜드 파트너를 찾습니다.

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The Moment


Clocks are a funny sort of invention. Time is merely a perception, geared toward the imagination that one can capture or seize a moment. The certainty of time is realized only after it is spent. The Fire of the moment is extinguished in the pursuit. So many look to the past as a gauge to the future; few too many actually live in the present. Right now, is the very fleeting whisper that echoes through a breeze as it brushes past your shoulder. It is a scent in the air trailed by a fading presence. A chance encounter, plays in the mind, over & over, yielding life to it beyond its original mortality. If you could taste the thoughts of benevolence, you would savor it, asking it to visit often. The favor of goodness is a welcomed friend in the time capsule of the heart. Leave the world one thought to dwell upon, a good deed and a gentle word are moments of time well spent! Susan Marie Z.