“Angel Babies” is an outreach that I began years ago, although at that time, it wasn’t over the internet. I designed some small trinket & keepsake boxes for my local church to give to new parents, who unfortunately, lost their babies due to Still Birth, Sudden Infant death, and various other tragic circumstances. Recently, I began creating digital portrait masterpieces as a tribute to the Angel babies that God has called back home! It was sort of a natural progression of the calling upon my heart for those grieving the loss of their babies. I decided to create these beautiful picture tributes because it came to my attention that so many people who have lost an infant, or small child, all feel this same longing in their spirit. They desperately need to see with their eyes, what their heart and spirit tells them is true; that their precious gift from Heaven, is Safe & Secure! I created a photograph out of love and compassion for a woman & fellow business associate who tragically lost her Husband & 1 year old baby boy. Little did I know that it would touch so many! I’ve had several requests to do this same thing for others, please take a moment to say a silent prayer for the families of these precious babies. Thank you! ANGEL BABIES Is a labor of Love but it does incur expenses, I do not charge the grieving and offer them this service from my heart. Anyone wishing to DONATE to this outreach can do so directly through the DONATE TO ANGEL BABIES link below through PayPal. Any size amount is appreciated and will go a long way toward the continuation of this service. Anyone wanting to donate to the families of the deceased is encouraged to send a love gift to the families directly, either through contacting them across Social Media (if they wish to include their information, it will be included with the bio they provide for me to post up for the public). Mostly, the families and those whom I have helped, always and primarily, request Prayer. More than anything, prayer is so powerful and it is greatly appreciated!

Corey and Parker Mantia If you are so inclined, here is the link to a page where they are collecting donations to send to Destiny Mantia


Paxton Michael McComb


Alexis Nicole Castle


Jemmah Smith
December 30, 2013 – October 12, 2014

Please join me in prayer to lift up the Smith family during this difficult time! Caitlin & Justin, you are forever in my prayers! Stacy B. You are such a wonderful and strong woman of God, my heart and prayers go out to you & I thank you for allowing me to be a part of Jemmah’s life and the amazing contribution she made to this world! To the entire Smith family & Whitenberg family; ( Caitlin, Justin, Caleb, Stacy, Andy, Sheryle) & (Denise & Roger, Justin & Kelsea , Amanda. Megan & Sam ) please know that you are being prayed for, far and wide! Heavenly Father, pleading the Blood of the Lamb protection over us and over the entire Smith family, The Lord rebuke the devourer, that he is forbidden to use any part of this to further his agenda, BUT we trust fully in You Lord, that Jemmah is a blessing and gift to us .To remind us of how precious life is, to encourage us to do as we ought, to help others and be mindful of the silent struggles that many carry without anyone fully being aware! Lord, we ask that you blanket every member of this family with the Peace that surpasses all understanding, that you envelope them with Your love, calming every fear and comforting them during this difficult time. Lord I pray that You visit their hearts, minds, memories and dreams with these most precious moments they shared with beautiful little Jemmah. Let the visits they have with her be those of sweet remembrance, where they got to hold her, to see her smile and to embrace her spirit! In Jesus Might name, Amen!


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