Seeking Angel Investors for several products and concepts in various stages of complete!

* A Dentifrice Product (Patent search cleared, Demographic study completed, prototype drawing & Viability assessment)

* Health & Beauty Item – Upscale/ High Technology (CO2 Laser device) (Patent search cleared, prototype drawing, Demographic study completed & Viability assessment)

—Other applications for the same items can service other beauty related needs

Frosting base that can be frozen & then reheated via double boiler and return to the same wonderful consistency. All natural no artificial preservatives, simply the most delicious frosting you’ll ever taste!

* * * * * * * * *Β  * * * * * * *

*Smart Phone App- Service oriented

* Health & Beauty item – Utilitarian in nature, solves a common problem

* Women’s accessory and wardrobe item, solves a common problem

* Kitchen gadget – an improvement on something that already exists, solves a common & stubborn problem.

* Tool for helping the deaf communicate with the hearing and vice`versa

* Nail Art – Creative use for something people already use (utilizes technology)

A unique type of paper, useful and creative

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