I have dabbled in Silver Art Clay, Fused Glass & Cloisonnรฉ but I have a real passion for beading!

My mother was able to knit, crochet and needle tat ( I had always admired that & thought to myself, maybe one day) thinking that I didn’t have the patience to develop the skill. I can almost see how maybe one day, that would be a natural progression for me, when I get around to it. In the meanwhile, I love weaving with beads! I know she would be so impressed! In fact, she always supported and encouraged my work, she was the type to run out and buy up a bushel of supplies and say; “make me one in every color!”

I enjoy creating my own unique designs of jewelry and fashion accessories, copyrighting them and obtaining sources for the manufacturing and offering them for wholesale to specialty shops, online retailers and dropship suppliers.

As with every thing that I do, I love to find a way to work it into Ministry! A friend and I came up with a slogan, we call it “GemeSIS 24:53”, jewelry with a message. An outreach where we bring our collective talents for creating beautiful things and use it to connect with the public (whether that be children in a teaching capacity or the elderly or the underprivileged, looking to develop a skill that they can build upon.

Have a Look at the PDF Jewelry Catalog & Place an order…



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